Silver Sneakers


Barbells Gym is proud to announce that we are now partners with Silver Sneakers! Please stop in anytime during the week from 10am-8pm to take advantage of your insurance benefits! Please call 330-432-0228 to make sure someone is present to sign up on weekends! Please bring your Tivity Health ID number to help sign ups go faster! We hope to see you soon!

TerpHouse CBD Oil

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We now carry TerpHouse CBD Oil!!


Terphouse was founded in 2016 in Riverside, California, and their products are manufactured in the USA.

The benefits of Terphouse CBD Oil is endless but just to list a few:
Pain Reliver
Reduces Anxiety
Fights Cancer
Reduces Inflammation
May Treat Seizures or Other Neurological Disorders
Relives Nausea
Helps Improve Sleep
Works for Neurological Pain in Multiple Sclerosis
Has Anti-psychotic Effects
Aids in PTSD
Lowers Incidence of Diabetes
Promotes Cardiovascular Health

What makes TerpHouse Unique?
“We add in natural terpenes for absorption and brain receptor activation. Terpenes are the natural oils found inside botanical plants that give them their taste and smell. They are an essential part of getting the full benefit of CBD.”

For more information you can go to the link below.

So What is CBD, Exactly?



Sea Monkey Kids Summer Cross-Training Classes

We will be having a kids cross training class this summer! This class will be taught by Brittany Moore who is a CrossFit Level 1 Trainer and also an elementary school teacher at Newcomerstown schools. In class, they will learn how to do foundational functional movements correctly while also increasing their cardiovascular, speed, agility, and overall fitness by engaging in various activities and games. Please contact us if you would like to register your child/children.

College Student Memberships

Are you a college student home for the Summer? Come to Barbells! Our 3 month college membership gets you, your three month summer break and includes all of your holiday breaks when you go back to college! Don’t miss out on the opportunity! Someone is in the office from 10am-8:00pm during the week, call 3304076180 to set up an appointment for the weekend! Come spend your Summer break here at Barbells!!
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Barbells Competitor

“On Saturday 4/21 I competed in the Natural Muscle Association Great Lakes 2018 Bodybuilding Competition. I was in the Master’s 40 and Open Middle weight where I placed first in both divisions.
As with previous shows, I couldn’t have done it without Brian Bonifay’s help. When I decided to do this show I had gained 25 pounds. Brian tuned my diet and worked with me weekly to get me stage ready. Some coaches will give you a diet and walk away, but that’s not Brian’s style. Each week I met with him, and I’d usually get a text mid-week asking how I’m doing. This is the type of attention clients rarely find in a coach.
By the time the show day came, I was under 7% body fat. In fact, I had people in the audience commenting how they could tell I knew what I was doing. They said while others looked a little confused and clumsy, I was smooth and appeared to be a veteran. This is all a result of Brian’s diet and attention to detail in posing practice.
Whether looking to compete, just lose weight or get in shape, it would be hard to find a more experienced coach. We as clients have the trophies to prove it.” 
– Jay Ford