Barbells Trainers

Here at Barbells Gym we are lucky and proud to represent some of the best trainers in Tuscarawas County. One couple in particular are here almost on a daily basis helping clients with training and nutritional guidance. The Bonifay’s provide their expertise confidently given their experience of over 25 years. Brian Bonifay competed competitively in bodybuilding for many years with the help of his wife, Stacie. Her well rounded nutritional experience helped him tremendously with his goals of being a successful bodybuilder. In 2002, Brian won the title of Mr. Ohio at the 2002 Ohio State Championships and again in 2005 he won the overall at the NPC Tri-State Open Bodybuilding Competition.

After years of competing the Bonifay’s realized their passion for helping others achieve their goals also! They provide their clients with anything ranging from nutritional guidance, standard training and even to show prep. 

Diets are personalized for each individual client depending on their realistic goals.


Please contact Stacie and Brian to set up a consultation, don’t forget to ask about their FREE training session!

Contact Information-

Brian 330-407-7100
Stacie 330-407-7849

“In the first picture I was 18 years old, in the black and white photo I was 30 years old. The two pictures following that was when I was 35 years old. The last pictures are of me today at 48 years old!

In 30 years of training and helping people, not much has changed. It still comes down to training smart, hard, and sticking to the basics. Eating healthy, being consistent with your diet, and continuing to learn about what works for you. Everyone is different. 
I feel most people think they need to go to the gym seven days a week, hours at a time. I don’t. Three to five days a week, forty-five minutes to 1-hour sessions is all you need. 
My wife and I have been training for 30 years. We take a basic old school approach to our diets and training. Our workouts are basic muscle building routines to fit the individual’s fitness level and goals, mainly to sustain, build muscle and burn body fat. 
Our meal plans consist of healthy choices that most people enjoy. There is a lot of education involved, enabling clients to make this a lifestyle change, not just a diet. You learn to make better choices, allowing you to prepare meals at home or order off of a restaurant menu while still maintaining the lifestyle. There are also cheat meals thrown in! 
I hear people tell me every day why they can’t be in shape. Their job, age, time restraints, health problems, injuries, etc. I work a full-time job in a coal mine. I drive three hours round trip every day. I work swing shift, and most days I am tired. On my days off, I train people at Barbells Gym.
I have been married for 29 years and have three kids. I have had a lot of injuries, four knee operations, two back surgeries, a cervical and lumbar fusion with titanium rods, and I’m about to have a knee replacement. 
I wrote these things not to sound like I am something special, but to make everyone realize they can be in shape. Hearing what you CAN accomplish instead of what you can’t because of our age, job, time, health problems or injuries is a major part of success. 
Four hours a week and a consistent healthy diet will take you a long way toward achieving a fitter and healthier you. You can meet with me or my wife Stacie for a free consultation at Barbells Gym.”
-Brian Bonifay