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Barbells Gym is family owned and operated 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, including weekends and holidays. Open to both men and women.

Barbells Gym provides its members with a wide variety of equipment including free-weights, pin-driven equipment, resistance training equipment and a complete separate section for cardio. Restrooms, shower facilities, and lockers are also located on site.

Looking For CrossFit Options?

If you are looking for a CrossFit facility in Tuscarawas County, then look no further! Located right next door is our newest addition Sea Monkey CrossFit.  Our 10,000 sq. ft. facility is outfitted with every piece of CrossFit training equipment you could possibly need including: Concept 2 Rowers, Concept 2 SkiErgs, Assault AirBikes, Rogue Butcher V2 Sleds, a Y-2 Rogue Yoke, an Assault AirRunner and much more!  




Sea Monkey CrossFit

  About Our Classes All of our CrossFit classes are taught by Amy Ross and Danara Lamonica. Every class day Amy methodically creates each workout. Each workout includes a warm-up, strength activity, a WOD and sometimes an extra credit exercise. All classes are for ALL skill levels and Amy and Danara will scale a workout […]

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Customer Reviews

Ashley J
January 22, 2018
Love it here! Supportive people everywhere! You’ll never feel like you don’t belong. Awesome training sessions too, priced reasonably! Wouldn’t want to go anywhere else.
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Kensie K
November 9, 2017
Love the atmosphere! Friendly, family owned facility. Large gym with numerous options (multiple pieces of equipment for every muscle group or exercise desired). Machines, free weights, cardio as well as a CrossFit section...
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Robb R
March 1, 2018
Great facility and people. Everything you need and always clean.

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Silver Sneakers

  Barbells Gym is proud to announce that we are now partners with Silver Sneakers! Please stop in anytime during the week from 10am-8pm to take advantage of your insurance benefits! Please call 330-432-0228 to make sure someone is present to sign up on weekends! Please bring your Tivity Health ID number to help sign […]

College Student Memberships

Are you a college student home for the Summer? Come to Barbells! Our 3 month college membership gets you, your three month summer break and includes all of your holiday breaks when you go back to college! Don’t miss out on the opportunity! Someone is in the office from 10am-8:00pm during the week, call 3304076180 […]

Barbells Competitor

“On Saturday 4/21 I competed in the Natural Muscle Association Great Lakes 2018 Bodybuilding Competition. I was in the Master’s 40 and Open Middle weight where I placed first in both divisions. As with previous shows, I couldn’t have done it without Brian Bonifay’s help. When I decided to do this show I had gained […]