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“Barbells has changed my life!” -Scott Cottrell

“I started to go to Barbells in January of 2017, I had let myself go and I felt completely miserable. I told myself that I was tired of living and looking the way I did, it wasn’t who I was nor wanted to be. When I started on my weight loss journey in January I weighed 358lbs. I began to watch what I ate and exercised more, and by July of 2017 I had lost 80lbs. Although it was a big loss, I still wasn’t where I wanted to be. I wanted to change my lifestyle completely and take things to a whole new level. After the 80lb loss, I hit a plateau and was having trouble to continue to lose weight. By December of 2017 I put some weight back on. Luckily I ran into Brian Bonifay at Barbells and we talked a little bit about my goals and I decided to set up an appointment with him and his wife Stacie the following week. To this day I believe it was one of the best decisions I have ever made in my entire life. With the Bonifay’s nutritional guidance and training methods I managed to lose an additional 60lbs! They have helped me achieve my goals and I feel like a completely different person.

            The Bonifay’s care about their clients and go above and beyond. If I ever have any questions they are always a phone call or text away. I’m excited about my future with them because we are only getting started. I am so thankful for Brian and Stacie Bonifay and all that they have helped me achieve. I am also thankful for Karen and Neil Rager for Barbell’s Gym, it’s like a big family out there. It’s the best gym around with the state of the art facilities!”

– Scott Cottrell 


Brian Bonifay training Brandon and Michael during a late night chest session. 


Carl Corner and Adam Pence during a mid-afternoon Bonifay chest session.


Killer Bonifay shoulder session the other night with Michael and Brandon. 
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