Bonifay’s Show Prep Clients

The Barbells Family wants to congratulate some of our athletes that participated in the NPC Ohio State Championship this past weekend! Brandon Robson, Michael Matthews and Nick Bassett, competed in their very first bodybuilding competition and they all took home hardware! They have set the standards high! Coach Brian and Stacie Bonifay provided them with the best diet and coaching experience, helping to lead them to success! Hard work and dedication is key and they demonstrated that, well done boys!

Brandon Robson:
1st place Men’s Novice Physique 
1st place Class D Men’s Physique 
1st place Overall Men’s Physique 
Well done in earning the title of Mr. Ohio Physique!


Michael Matthews: 
1st place Super-Heavy Weight Bodybuilding


Amy Palmer- Amy Tope Palmer                                                                          

The picture with the pink bikini was in November of 2016. 

“I originally competed in bodybuilding from 2008-2013 and then decided to take a break. Over the next few years I managed to put on 40+ pounds even though I did an EXCESSIVE amount of cardio including running 8 full marathons (26.2 miles).”

“In all my years of competing I was NEVER able to achieve the results I did with Brian. He was very patient (and trust me, I tested his patience) and diligent to find a diet and cardio program that would work for ME. I can honestly say it was the easiest show prep I’ve ever done. I truly could not have done it without his guidance. I am now working with Brian on my off season plan as I am planning to hit the bodybuilding stage again in 2018.”

“He is simply the BEST and cares about his clients being successful whatever their goals may be!”

Jay Ford- Jay Ford

“When I first met Brian, I as 236 pounds and I thought I knew how to eat right. The very first question he asked was “Well, what did you have to eat today?” After I told him I had a protein bar and a salad, keep in mind it was already 6pm, he said “you’re starving yourself”. “This is how you eat, lose weight and gain muscle all at the same time.” Brian spent hours explaining how to eat, what to eat and when to eat it. At the time, I didn’t realize you HAVE TO EAT to lose weight.”

“Over the course of 7 months I lost almost 70 pounds and ate like a horse. Brian will pull no punches and just tell you the facts. I tell everyone the knowledge I’ve gained from Brian wasn’t just for a short term goal. He has totally changed the lifestyle of me and my family. If you are looking for real changes, changes that will last a lifetime, meet with Brian. He is a true pro at changing people’s lives.”

Jay and his son Logan Ford are currently working alongside Brian with plans of getting back on stage in 2018.