Barbells Competitor

“On Saturday 4/21 I competed in the Natural Muscle Association Great Lakes 2018 Bodybuilding Competition. I was in the Master’s 40 and Open Middle weight where I placed first in both divisions.
As with previous shows, I couldn’t have done it without Brian Bonifay’s help. When I decided to do this show I had gained 25 pounds. Brian tuned my diet and worked with me weekly to get me stage ready. Some coaches will give you a diet and walk away, but that’s not Brian’s style. Each week I met with him, and I’d usually get a text mid-week asking how I’m doing. This is the type of attention clients rarely find in a coach.
By the time the show day came, I was under 7% body fat. In fact, I had people in the audience commenting how they could tell I knew what I was doing. They said while others looked a little confused and clumsy, I was smooth and appeared to be a veteran. This is all a result of Brian’s diet and attention to detail in posing practice.
Whether looking to compete, just lose weight or get in shape, it would be hard to find a more experienced coach. We as clients have the trophies to prove it.” 
– Jay Ford

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